About Us

Our Story

During his years of practice within the hospital system, Dr. Sean Tehrani regularly saw patients referred from behavioral health or eating disorders facilities. He noticed that while these patients received excellent psychiatric care, their medical care was often lacking, resulting in avoidable and expensive visits to the ER. This realization, coupled with personal losses from addiction and suicide, Dr. Tehrani felt compelled to help individuals with mental health disorders. He saw an opportunity to make a meaningful difference by providing excellent medical care to these individuals. Driven by a deep desire for positive change, Dr. Tehrani founded Med-X Consulting in 2017. He continues to operate from the belief that better healthcare and organizational outcomes are not just possible, but essential.

Our Leadership Team

Sean Tehrani, MD, MBA

Founder & CEO

Dr. Sean Tehrani is a seasoned healthcare executive renowned for his ability to inspire teams and drive performance through compassionate healthcare management. With over 25+ years of experience working within the medical field, he has built a niche for himself specializing in medical care for patients in eating disorders and behavioral health facilities.

Our Vision

To transform medical care in behavioral health and eating disorders facilities nationwide, enriching the lives and health of both the patients and organizations we serve.

Our Mission

Through a steadfast commitment to innovation, evidence-based practices, and collaborative partnerships, our mission is to elevate patient well-being, foster operational excellence, and drive sustainable growth for our organizational partners.

Core Values


Striving for the highest standards of care.


Demonstrating empathy and understanding in every interaction.


Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct.


Working together as a team to achieve optimal organizational and patient outcomes.


Valuing the dignity and worth of every individual.

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