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Together, we achieve more.

We partner with behavioral health and eating disorders facilities nationwide. We collaborate closely with you to identify your unique needs. Our partnerships allow us to innovate and adapt seamlessly with your current clinical and medical team, driving better outcomes and satisfaction for patients while improving business metrics.

Hear What Our Partners Have To Say ​

“The team at Med-X are invaluable partners. In addition to being exceptional clinicians, they are remarkably collaborative, responsive, and personable. I trust them to deliver excellent care to our patients and to interact with our staff in a professional manner. I am grateful to work with them. Dr. Tehrani is a compassionate and capable physician dedicated to providing the highest level of care. I would feel comfortable referring a family member to him, there is no greater compliment I can pay another doctor”

Michael Genovese, MD, JD – Chief Medical Officer, Acadia Healthcare

“I’d like to endorse Dr. Sean Tehrani and his Med-X team for their quality service and medical care provided to our patients. Med-X’s collaborative approach, commitment to clinical outcomes and referral efficiencies has made our transition of medical coverage effortless. Med-X made an instant impact reducing medical send-outs to emergency departments by an astounding 50% within 6 months. I truly appreciate their commitment and dedication. Well done Med-X!”

Kevin Poitinger, CEO – Holly Hill Hospital

“I have greatly appreciated the addition of Med-X to our treatment team. They provide excellent medical care to our patients as part of a multidisciplinary treatment approach and provide 24/7 availability to address our patient’s medical concerns as they arise.”

Joseph Crozier, MD – CEDS-S Medical Director, Veritas Collaborative Adult Hospital

“Our expectations have been exceeded by the expertise and ease of collaboration with Med-X’s team of professionals! With timely and accurately targeted interventions, 24-hour on-call support, and a true spirit of addressing the needs of our patients, they give an integrative and responsive level of clinical acumen and top-tier consultation! Simply said – excellent for us and our community and patients.”

Sarah Skoterro, LMHC, LPCC, LADAC – Business Development Director, Thira Health

“Sean and Med-X have provided quality medical care to our patients with primary eating disorders since September 2020, and have worked closely with our Medical Director and his team. Sean has been flexible and available, and interested in quality improvement. He and his team have been able to quickly adopt new protocols (related to the pandemic or otherwise) and become part of the interdisciplinary team. We look forward to further collaboration in the future”

Becca Eckstien, LCSW, CEDS-S – Executive Director, Veritas Collaborative Adult Hospital 

“The Med-X team not only provides quality medical care to our behavioral health patients, but the providers integrate into the hospital team so that communication between the attending psychiatrists, administration and quality teams, and the internal medicine providers is as seamless as possible. As an administrator, I have appreciated their flexible and solution focused approach to continual quality improvement”

Amanda Johanson, MBA – CEO, Triangle Springs

“Med-X has a great deal of background and experience in working with individuals diagnosed with eating disorders. Their high level of expertise and comfort in this area has been a great contribution to our team and we have partnered to implement best practices in our care setting. We truly feel their providers are a part of our team and enjoy our work with them!”

Stephanie Lee – Division President, Acadia Healthcare, Carolina House

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