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A Partner in Medical Care and Business Outcomes

Our core focus is evidence-based medical care in behavioral health and eating disorders facilities. That work is led by a team of internal medicine and family practice providers who specialize in these patient populations. We offer a level of expertise and dedication that is unmatched in the industry.

We partner with the leadership in your clinical, psychiatric, and administrative teams. Our providers know the business side of healthcare too. We help your organization achieve financial and service line goals.

Expertise in Evidence-Based Care

Our providers have proven knowledge and experience in evidence-based care for eating disorders and behavioral health conditions. We can help: 

“The team at Med-X are invaluable partners. In addition to being exceptional clinicians, they are remarkably collaborative, responsive, and personable”

Michael Genovese, MD, JD,
Chief Medical Officer,
Acadia Healthcare

24/7/365 Staff Coverage Capabilities

We  provide onsite medical and 24/7 telehealth care across the U.S. This ensures that your patients receive the care they need when they need it. We reduce the number of:

“They provide excellent medical care to our patients as part of a multidisciplinary team approach and provide 24/7 availability to address our patient’s medical concerns as they arise”

Joseph Crozier, MD-CEDS-S, Medical Director, Veritas Collaborative Adult Hospital

Full Support for Clinical, Psychiatric, and Medical Teams

We lessen the burden on your care teams by managing the medical aspects of patient care. This allows your staff to prioritize and address behavioral health needs. We also amplify the strength of your existing teams by filling in gaps in the schedule and providing specialized support.

Proven Track Record of Process Improvement

Our team has 40+ years of experience in continuous process improvement. We identify gaps in efficiency and quality in collaboration with your executives, psychiatrists, clinicians, and support staff to:

“As an administrator, I have appreciated their flexible and solution focused approach to continual quality improvement”

Amanda Johnson, MBA, CEO, Triangle Springs

Customized Solutions

No solution is one size fits all. As adept strategists, we collaborate closely with you to identify your unique needs. We create the right mix of services and support for your facility and teams. That may be a full team that delivers and manages medical care, or simply specific resources you need to bridge the gaps in your current treatment team.

Cost Savings for Talent Acquisition

We bring the full team of medical care providers that you need. That means you have a reliable, consistent team to deliver care.

Are You Facing Critical Challenges?

Get in touch today to discover how Med-X can drive results for both your patients and facility.

Discover how Med-X can drive results for both your patients and facility.